I Am Poem

I Am Poem  


 I am from "Que vivia Mexico"

To "I pledge allegiance to the flag..."

Two countries united as one

Vengo de una familia imigrante



I am from unconditional love,

To never lacking attention

Hija de hombre de Dios Predicador

Hija de una ama de casa, que cosina muy bien!


I am from paper,pencils, foucus,

"5 minutes left"

From grass, sweat, and hydration,

To "Amen, and Hallelujah"


I am from being "hey what's good?"

To "hey what's wrong?"

From unrealistic expecations

To " Did you see what she did...?"


I am from witnessing many tears,

Rejection, to lost dreams

To my parents saying,

"It's going to be okay"


I'm from lift your feet when you walk and look both ways

And you can persure your dreams

From a roaring laughter,

To hiding all my fears


I am from being grateful,

To seeing another meal at the table,

I am from self-drive and determination

I'm from my future stories I'm eager to create

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