My Heart's Home


United States

Small town in Texas,

but large family parties,

decent size high school.


A family ranch,

cattle in pens surround us,

constantly mooing.


My mother, tough love.

“You can do better than this,”

My head hangs down low.


My dad a great coach

taught me the art of softball,

playing on weekends.


I met soccer next,

a goal set up in our yard.

Bruises on my legs.


With sports came problems.

Endless pain squeezing my chest,

tests reveal asthma.


Freshman year, leg pain,

surgery is the option.

Four scars now remain.


High school, some fake friends.

Only a couple stay true,

learn to be weary.


I am shaped by past,

but my future is on me,

I am stronger now.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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