Who am I?

I am sharp...

My grades stay high because studying is done

The knot of every argument is tied by me

My outfits are on target like a shooting gun

I help out friends like an angel with her harp 

I am sharp. 

I am leather...

While the other girls wear denim

Each risk is taken because there's nothing to lose

My feet stand firm like a scorpian's venom

My dodge rain to not crack in the bad weather

All because I am leather.

I was an accoridan...

My fighting parents caused my depressing noise

Nothing but an organ fighting a war

Trust compressed and opened valves until it was destroyed

Would continue air flow; yet unable to untie this goridan 

I was an accordian. 

I am a cab...driving alone and making temporary friends

I am Jack Frost...sure to leave a cold mark if we do not make amends

I am a quarter...people see only silver but my core of cheap copper is not what they intend

I am an X-ray...viewing my broken bones to repair them with postivity

I am an eagle...with nothing to stop my broad wings from earning a degree

I am the galaxy...my dark matter and dust forming stars in which they shine like a Christmas tree

Me. I am, Cassidy.


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