Energetic (This Is Me)



If you saw me now what would you say?

Would you stare into my eyes, and see fifty shades of gray.

Or would you see a soul burning with compassion and energy.

A empty soul looking for hope and good company.

I breathe into life with a gust of wind,

Hoping to attract those who are lost and with sin.

You looked in the book and saw my name next to this word,

Energetic full of life, hope, and love,

However that is not the story of the white dove.

You see there is more to this than meets the eye,

More to this than you and I.

I am energetic because I love unconditonally,

I hope without questioning,

I run without looking back,

And I race without feeling the track.

Having energy is not just good for me, 

But also for my friends and family. 

They love how I am always willing to do anything,

How I'm able to play any sport, or do any activity.

They love how I'm full of laughter,

And how I use my talents to help those around me.

Being energetic, is being one with the universe,

surrounding oneself in the stars.

Just enjoying the fun things in life,

And never stopping to think twice.

I live and hope for those who can't.

I laugh for those who are too shy.

I smile for those who are hurting.

I am energetic, willing, hoping, beliving, trusting, and helping.

I will always use my energy to help those around me.

No one deserves to live a life without energy.

Energy is beautiful, just like me and you.

So love, live, and laugh.

I'm Energetic and so are you.



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