Who I Am...

Driven and persistent, I run like a battery

I try harder and harder to surpass what jumps out at me.


I always try my best since I’m a perfectionist,

and that is why some of my friends call me a color-in-the-line enthusiast.


There are always many new things that I attempt to try and do,

such as meeting new people, seeing new things, and eating exquisite food too


When I actually have free time I help to volunteer in the community,

since I think that being involved with clubs and other people could provide many opportunities.


Particularly in my friend group, I’m known as the historian,

but to some others I am considered as the school valedictorian.


For me friendships are important but family is always first,

because without their love and support, I may have turned out to be a lot worse.


I am proud of my heritage being Vietnamese,

and I won’t ever change that just to make someone else pleased.


. No matter how old I would be when I’m addressed as ma’am,

I will always and forever cherish who I am.


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