I Am Change.

Sat, 08/15/2015 - 21:20 -- DGrant

What Am I?
What am I but an ordinary person
Riding on the ever-so fast,
Yet ever-so slow river of Time?

What am I but a short-lived existence
Humbled by the opportunity
Of the gift of life;
And what a priceless gift it is.

It is gifted to all people
And while some cherish such a gift,
Others are content with mediocrity,
Often taking pride in such a thing.

I am dissatisfied with mere existence;
For the life I have been given
Has gifted me with things
Equally as great.

I am a conscience, a consciousness,
With the ability to make choices
Permeating throughout my very being.
I can truly live, change people, and change the world.

What defines me? What definition of me
Could be found within a dictionary?
I say I am "innovation"; I say I am "creativity";
But most of all, I say I am "change."

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