I Am Poem

I am from a cozy and familiar room.

From the pictures of my family to the solitude of the place.

From the peace and quiet to the long dark days that I spend alone here.

From the cool air filled with the sounds of piano and violins playing on my ears.


I am from a small but comfortable place where in the surrounding neighborhood there is                       

        a variety of criminal activity.

From the garden full of life that my birth giver has to the life of little animals we own.

From the warm afternoons that the sun provides to our home.

From the tense moments that the family has to the rare happy moments.


I am from a small town in the middle of the desert where the population doesn’t exceed 50k.

From the small buildings to the old parks were our citizens wander.

From the long summers were heat is greater than the cold in the short winters.

From the 30 minutes that separate us from another city, state, and country.


I am from the so called “Country of freedom” or “Place of opportunity”.

From the largest national economy in the world to the abundant natural resources.

From the large rate of unemployment to those poor neighborhoods around the country.

From a place were college tuition and fees’ cost rises faster than inflation.

I am from where the majority of people earn their lives honestly and humbly.

From a big family that is separated by the frontier

From being raised to be hard working and independent.

From a family were I will be the first to have a career.


I am from the vision and goal to move forward and be someone in life.

From the wish to support my family in every way.

From the desire of getting a career, traveling, and tryin new experiences.

From the support of my loved ones and the God that created us to whom I pray will lead me in                             


        my future. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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