Forever Free


United States
42° 14' 2.5656" N, 88° 20' 1.1328" W


The burning rays of the rising sun

don’t change the way I feel.

If you hear the birds sing or see the deer graze,

then know that I am real.


Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter

I will follow You to the end.

I will never leave You or forsake You

Because I am Yours, You’re the One I shall defend.


You call my name in a quiet voice.

A distressed and troubled call

I will be there for you,

Even if I take the fall.


You are my Father,

My only true love.

You made the oceans and the sky,

The olive branch baring dove.


I am here even if you can’t see Me.

The farther I reach out,

My spirit wraps you in a blanket of hope.

Because I will always cast out your doubts.


Never will I disbelieve that You gave it all,

So that I may be able to see you again,

Forever in the place of my Heavenly Father,

Forever free for all of eternity.



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