long beach CA
United States

I am the opposite person,

Of whom I thought I was going to be,

I used to think my world was full of darkness,

I saw the world brighter,

Full of positivity,

I don’t like thinking about the past,

Because of the things I’ve done,

Makes my head spin so fast,

I grew up with no type of support from my parents,

And others trying to be interference,

I am that type of person, who is always full of energy,

I am far from shy

I am outgoing and loving

While keeping my head held high

I choose to cherish the present, reaching for the stars above

And not that person who always had given up,

If I were to choose one word to describe myself it would be


Why you may ask?

Because hope is my motivating factor

Hope made me to a better person I am today,

Made me think that anything is possible

If hope is the anticipation of one’s desires

I AM the definition of hope

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Amazing Poem :) 


Absolutely Beautiful! :)

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