I Am 17

I am a cracked fortress
Repairs are slow 
With only one soul.
I am sitting on the edge of a cliff
With darkness below 
Inside a galore behold.
I am the rain with the sun shining
The shadows are not blinding. 
I am a fool for adventure
Though caution is sublime.
I am luck's reject
With my own to mold.
I am a silent sentry
Who makes ears cry
And the annoyed sigh. 
I am undecided
With what to reside in
Perhaps it means I am on both sides then. 
Bellow and behold for this is I am 
Mayhem is silent
While I am vibrant. 
I am switching it up to tell a different tale 
Oh, that guy is such a pail. 
I am long and complicated 
As my imagination soars
Wondering galore for Gondor. 
I am the Doctor who tells all tales
Speak my name and chaos shall reign
For not even I can speak my name. 
I am power, I am fear
Bring me near and you will sear. 
Bring me trust and I am sincere.  
I am honest, I am free 
Oh, what a fee to be. 
I am done 
So very, very done. 
Now to travel Into the West
I am such a humble pest. 
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