Right Now

everyone used to tell you

you can be whatever you want to be

but the saying got lost on you once you realized that it isn´t true


you were be a six year old

dreaming of the stars

so you were an astronaut


you were be a ten year old

who decided that you wanted to be a doctor

so were are a doctor


you are whoever you want to be

even if you are not quite there yet


you could be a seventeen year old

who has no idea what they want to do with their life

but that does not mean that you are nothing


you are more than just what you are right now

you might be skin bones capillaries



you are your experiences

you are your aspirations

you are your favorite song

you are what it feels like when the weather is just right

you are what your best dreams at night are about

you are every compliment someone has given you

you are your own universe


i may not know where i will be in ten years

or even what i will do tomorrow

but i know that right now

is all i need

and i will find a way

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