Be Different; Be You


The word the soiety says,

People are born to be different they say.

But when you are, they push you away.

Our life is ephemeral so why live not day by day,

Be happy and rejoce for your God given way.

Do not be conformed to the path querolous people lay,

Do not follow the yellow brick road; stray.


Stray from what society thinks,

Do not be a lemming by following the crowd.

You are you to make your own self proud.

Stop being the same,

Speak your own voice out loud.

Do not let your self be confine like a flock of sheep,

Be the shepard of your own thoughts.


Live your life for you,

Stand up for the ones who can't,

Do not let bullies have the upper hand.

Be the person that no one else ever can.

Stop and be who you are meant to be,

You are worth something even to me.


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