Do the do to do the do, dude?

My lifes been pretty alright,

Can’t really complain about the fight,

But I guess struggles are relative to one’s life.


I spit it,

I hit it,

I did it.

But sometimes I did quit it.


Started from a battle against parents,

Always making them upset.

Sandals flying,

Tantrums and crying.

Yelling at my parents for no reason,

It was a terrible season.

Looking back sickens me,

But it gave me an opportunity to see

What I didn’t want to be.

Did it until middle school.


Progressed into a battle of academics,

Working to become the best.  

Strived for that A every test,

But if I failed I became depressed.

Tears would drip at the sight of anything other than excellence,

Nothing was good unless it was a 100 percent.


Battle continued into high school,

But now social skills were at play.

Wasn’t good at sports,

But with the books I put in the work.

Sacred to go school dances,

But in my room I learned to twerk.

Scared of public speaking,

Took took on leadership roles.

My standing in school shot through the poles.

Not just a number in a large school,

But someone people thought was decent and cool.


Fighting my way through college,

Gaining and using knowledge.

Not all fun games,

Things weren't the same.

Missed home,

Took me a while to get into my zone.

Cry for weeks,

Tears dripping down my cheeks.

Took a pause,

Looked around and assessed the cause.

Needed to seek a purpose,

Found good friends and classes.


Don’t know entirely what I’m doing,

But hey I’m here now.

This poem is about: 
My family


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