Endless Hunger

Trapped in the endless, swirling tide

Bleeding out your dwindling pride

The darkness falling the last of your stand

And suddenly your finding the misfitting land

You’re headed toward endless staring

Endless sneers, jeers, and horrible swearing

But its all okay our sweet, succulent soul

The pleasure is ours

And will stop you from growing old

With life so short why not try having fun

Building up energy to get every job done

The thrill of the intake

The growth of our store

Well it’s enough to make any man want "a little" more

We can conquer our sphere

And all those around us

We are mighty and powerful

And no one can stop us

By force or by will

Your mind will always be mine

And you have yet to see what’s in store

For the beast you like no more

And while you sit there pondering

What it is you have become

I’ll be over with the rest of them

Throwing shun after shun

And when you get too tired to take one more step

Ill be back in your mind sending

Just force down another one.

Your will is bending and wondering

Always for our spark and our thrill

We work you in circles

Just to laugh at your kill

You don’t want me but need me

You despise me yet crave me

I am the light in your darkness

And the darkness of your world

What you now may happily have

As great as it may be

Will not withstand your fiery bride

Who you may also call me

Haunted by your faltering stride

How much longer can you persist

Until yet again giving into my devilish wish

Doomed to leave and never return

Because it hasn’t been never…

It’s been ever…

And forever more.

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