Used to be more

As the blue sky turns to grey

the love I once gave you will forever

stay but all you have to give is 

the pity that I already feel for 

both of us, not only hatred but disgust


When I look and look, I don't see the

love I once gave you, I see the replacement

which is filled with nothing but numbness

we used to be more but you gave our love away


I wonder if the autum leaves hold 

the color of which my feelings have spread

the orange of the hatred and the red, 

red color of my once love

the brown of pity that I now feel

but the season will change, along with

the love that i felt, green will come and go

green, the feeling of happiness for others 

the sick feeling of mine forever will stay


As the grey sky turns to blue yet again

the love is rejoined together in heart

but the hatred can only be pushed down so far

dream will soon leave with the feel of hope. 


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