We're All Mad Here


33° 45' 47.8584" S, 150° 56' 11.5872" E


I leave all of my doors open.





I like to have an array of options.

A safety net.

Some comfort.

For I am still broken.


Always asking;

Which broken piece of me do I follow?

Do I follow the shattered torn up bits of my heart?

The comforting pulse of my veins?

My brain,

With the three roommates.

I don’t know which piece of me is me anymore.


But I must remember;


A Dream is not a scientific formula;

A goal is not a high up mountain;

Happiness is not tangible or attainable;

Stop searching; stop looking;

Stop trying to find an underlying meaning within everything;

Just be you;

Be who you want to be;

Just breathe.

Unfortunately, our lives take unexpected turns; dips into valleys; and drowns you in sorrows;

But, unexpectedly,

Life can push you;

Into something so amazing and wonderful;

So beautiful and perfect.

You forget all of the pain you’ve endured

-Because this nothingness.

This graceful piece of calm that you now have;

Was completely and utterly


Every second of it.


By: Tabitha Ambroiggio 


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