I am... Love.

I am love.

I am the light in the dark

That makes your heart strong.

I am the home, not the house.

I am where you belong.

I am the warmth of a hug

Or the reason tears fall.

I am the deciding factor

On whether you're to be at all.

I can be found in innocence,

Or I can be in disguise.

I can be told in a truth

Or on a bed full of lies.

With me you find a peace,

where you're not broken inside.

I am your most human desire,

Everything you hope to find,

But I hope you can understand

I can leave you blind.

I can be the tank

Fully armed, fully manned

That will leave you in the dirt

When you stick out your hand.

I can be the boot

That steps on the soul.

I can tear out the heart

Which keeps you whole.

I know, though,

That you can forgive,

For I know without me, you're lost.

Without me, you can't truely live.

So for all the things listed above

And the good things that can be found,

Just know you are never alone,

For I, Love, will always be around.




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