I Am.... Not

I am not a zipper.
You cannot zip me shut to better fit the morals in your head driven deep
By drills formed from lies and deception
I am a puzzle; a mixture of thoughts and emotions fixed together just so, 
So that the end result is a masterpiece in itself of complexity, though looked at from Afar can be easily read as the pieces form together to make a larger picture. 
But the fragments of your mind do not fit with mine, but instead with 
Those who persuade your thoughts away from what’s real and 
Steer them towards the unrealistic expectations of a perfect society
That cannot exist because of people like you.

My body is not your home. 
You cannot tell me how to shape and decorate it so it fits the predilection of others Who are too caught up in the lives of each other to be their own person.
The newspaper cut out words shared amongst themselves depict the counterfeit Ways in which they live that I do not intend to follow.
I will not be a piece of dust in your wind, mindlessly being pulled in every which Direction towards a destination not even you yourself could predict.
My body is a garden, it will grow and bloom as it pleases as nature allows, 
It is resistant to the molds manufactured by those who are blinded by the effects of Medias portrayal of the perfect woman whom I do not strive to be. 
And though you may not find beauty in my flowers, I will still be here growing from my roots in the concrete that aspire me to go on.

I am not a flame you can put out
With a garden hose or the sole of your shoe, I will not be stepped on and your Stream of water, like the words streaming from your feeble mind, have no effect on me and cannot weaken the force I have exerted outwards to surpass those who Have ever doubted me in any way
I am a wild fire and I will spread my words in every direction until all that once stood In my way is nothing but ash and the air is filled with the smoldering scent of defeat On your part, and victory on mine
So don’t stand too close, unless you intend to get burned.

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