I am NOT Sorry!

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 18:06 -- Aminor


You want me to apologize, feel ostracized, look you straight in the eyes...for what?

What do you want me to apologize for? What do I have to apologize for?

The pins in my hair? The skirts I wear? Shoes I've worn? Make up I've adorned?

Why do I have to apologize? How am I in the wrong and why do I have to say sorry?


Sorry is for a broken window, a little white lie, and spilt milk?

I do not need to say sorry so quit crying over the cow because we got 'udders' ?

We got 'udders' who cry not for the loss of milk but for the loss of a farm.

There are bigger problems than the small scale crime you claim to be an epidemic.

So what if I have skirts I wear? So what if I pin my hair? I like the look of make up, and my shoes have flair!


I've spent far too long apologizing for things I didn't do! I've cried, ached, shed too many tears, and quaked with so many fears of...

...What if I don't?

What if I don't!? Well I'm about to find out right now, because I've got something to say!

I am NOT sorry!

I like my skirts, I like my style, I love the way it fits, and I love that I smile!

I am no boy, I am no girl, I am my own person who would like to reiterate...

I am NOT sorry!

Do you still want me to apologize for my display of courage. The courage I have to be me.

A person who cares not for society but myself.

It might seem selfish, but society has taken way too much from me.

I deserve to be a little selfish, and guess what? 

I am NOT sorry!

We'll go one more round incase you have any doubts but I chose to take this route.

My skirts are mine, my hair is fine. I look cute, and I've stayed resolute. 

Accept me for it's been so long since I've felt jubilee.

Fireworks, short skirts, foriegn dramas, and childhood trauma.

I'm offending no one, and only defending myself.

I am NOT sorry!

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