Behind My Name

I am more than just a person with a name. Challenges after challenges made me stronger as of today because I learned to overcome adversity no matter what it was. I define myself as a discipline scholar/athlete. Discipline can stretch further than what you think it can. To have discipline means that you have self control. Self control to where I don't talk just because I'm able to talk or eat just to eat because it’s there. There’s a time and place for everything and when you are discipline, you are also self motivated. I have self motivation to where I don’t need anyone to pump me up to do my work or get the job done because I know what it takes. Which is studying after studying, asking for help when needed, and never given up. What makes me, me is that I handle situations different than my peers, believe in dedication, and my uniqueness.  All these things makes me because I could of chosen a route that others take that will not get my no where but listed as another number of statistic than whom I’m really is. I became the person I am today because I understand consequences behind every action that I take. I always think about things for later on in the future so my mind always racing because of the things it is thinking no matter what it is, so I can think on how to handle a challenge that may come my way. Having a single mother raise me and my two sister and seeing us jump from house to house with my mom trying her best to keep us nice and clean made me who I am today. Knowing that I had to grow up at a young age, and seeing my mom praying for better days made me want to strive for greatness and made me stronger as of today. I see success as race. Everybody run the same race but some people face more challenges along the way than others, so some fail to overcome the challenges and fail to become successful but I believe I can overcome adversity. #I Am... Scholarship Slam

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My family



#I Am... Scholarship Slam

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