Strong like a Tiger

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 19:32 -- alyh019

I am strong.

I will not let anyone tell me what my future is to be. 

I have a vision; which cannot be altered.

A vision of hope to succeed.

A vision to show that I can achieve my goals if I try hard enough. 

Strong is what I am with these hazel eyes.

Look into them to see the image of a tiger roaring back at you. 

Nothing can push me away from my dreams.

I know what I stand for.

Try to change what I am.

Try to change what I stand for.

I will stand as strong as a mountain. 

Life is filled with numerous obstacles.

But I will jump over them.

This vision I have

This dream present in me will not fade.

I vow to be strong and stand by my morals.

I am but a tiger, an animal inside of me that cannot escape.

I am strong.

And strong is what I will be. 

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