I am melanin

I am beautiful

I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend


I am also  labeled as a statistic

Sought out to be just another "black girl"

Told that a dark skin young lady could not be beautiful

I am said to be the memory of a slave ship 

I am told that I will be nothing in life

I am the name on a white mans bullet


I am angry

Angry that I do not have a strong realtionship with my mother and father

That I was never shown my worth

That my past holds the most painful memories

That my innocence was stolen from me at a young age 


I am a child of God

I am a child who CALIMS to love God

Though I would rather sleep in on a Sunday than go praise him

I would rather sing a rap song than attend a praise and worship concert

I am embarrased to do the sign on the cross in front of others

I am ashamed to tell people I am a Catholic


I AM the voice

This poem is about: 


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