I AM..

The most spontaneous soul you'll ever be faced with

from my mind, my character
You cannot deface this

I strive to make positive, creations, relations

Through my art comes fascination

My presence creates intimidation

Come in contact and realize I'm humble & soft from my persona to my talk.

I am feirce beyond all means

Will climb Mount Everest to conquer my dreams

You'll see I'm a girl of variety in everything I do because diversity

is essential.

My personality is a beatiful blend of positivity and acceptance

I veiw all races as indestructible places, despite people's perceptions

Still this close minded world is hard to change

But through my art I can rearrange to help sustain

The roots and history of this earth and its inhabitants

I am a woman of loyalty, who protects my loved ones till the death of me

Ya see I carry myself with high self-esteem & great dignity

I love my mocha brown skin complexion

My size,my smile; represents a universal figure

For the souless; turned soulful spirits.

I am invincible, determined, and contempt.

My peaceful state of mind; will unwind into amazing new creations

Reaching my goals, to its highest extent.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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