I wish i could describe

Wed, 08/26/2015 - 15:31 -- Anysa12

I wish i could describe to you the way wind feels.
I want to feel wind all the time. 
Delicate. Beautiful.

I know Nothing. I am nothing. I feel nothing. 
Constant Contradictory Confusion and disillusion
Feeling lost, then found
misinterpreting all things profound

I search for the answers in the unknown 
And counteract my fear of what i don't know. 

Wind reminds me who i am
but can i find more to life than the comfort provided by a man?
I don't understand
the difference between what parts and thoughts are
biological, psychological or spiritually philosophical.

I dream to understand
Why thoughts and thoughts of thoughts
can bring truth to fiction
And cause you to make fantasy into reality
i fear i am dillusional in actuality.

What feelings are rational?
What words are me
And which are who i wish to be?
A little lost, losing to lots 
Of confusing thoughts.

What's more concrete, 
A feeling or a thought?
Which lastes longer?
Which is stronger?
Which is not?

Which is more delicate?
A touch or a kiss?
A hand or the lips?
A breath or the fingertips?

There is power in understanding you know nothing
at times i feel as though i am nothing, 
i fear the moments i feel nothing.

With my feet against concrete 
i feel it impossible to feel the earth's energy.
and so The wind i breathe around me 
does not bring life into me 

I felt the wind and i felt afraid.
My fear of the world won't let me be brave
Am i the sun or stars?
Do i know myself at all?


This poem is about: 
Our world



I love the line:

"A little lost, losing to lots 
Of confusing thoughts."

I love the rhyme.

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