I’ve always loved overcast.

I have my reasons but they can’t be taught.

Discovering its depth is a personal experience.

I wonder whether other people love it or not? 


I see overcast in everything.

From music to people to colors to books.

Overcast is all around me.

And I don’t just like it for how it looks. 


Overcast is everywhere.

I see glimpses of it every day.

The world itself is overcast. 

It’s not black and white - it’s gray.


Overcast is a lifelong friend.

Oh, the loyalty of that sky. 

It mirrors our indecision, our pain, our sadness.

And it even rains when I cry.


I realize that I am overcast.

My thoughts, my moods, my tastes.

I won’t always be sunshine and daisies.

And living in denial is such a waste. 


I show my colors and emotions.

About things future, present, past.

I want them seen, heard, and felt.

They’re what make me overcast.  

This poem is about: 
Our world
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