They ask me to check what I want to major in; 

'Undecided' I check, my heart droppping again

I am undecided 

The product of parents who didn't know enough

into a solution of a child who knows too much

too much to simply choose one box

I am Undecided

My mother tells me that my name means "Sky" 

Vast, all-encompassing

how I wish my knowledge were

which is why

I am undecided 

and I am going to stay undecided 

becuse I refuse to become a box so small only "Mathematics" can exist, or "Biology" 

the "Undecided" box is so much more, so much more than the nine words that make it up 

It speaks of a love of knowledge far greater than what I could explain in nine words

So I shall remain undecided. 

and next time I check that box, my heart

It will sing with joy, It will thud with happiness

Because I am Undecided. 

And that is a beautiful thing


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