Winter leaves/wanting me

Those winter leaves

are wanting me

I used to be a quiet girl

I used to sit in nature, hidden from the world

Those winter leaves

are calling me

Pushing me to be the best I can be

Telling me there's something that needs to me said

A door I need to open

A statement I need to make

This is the end of a chapter

I walked here all on my own

Now it's time to be a big girl

Time to ask for help so I can grow

Those winter leaves

Are leaving me

Leaving no trace as they are swept away

There's so much more work to do

Sometimes it's overwhelming

But that's what life is about

It's time to jump for joy, for the words to come out of my mouth

I'm glad to be alive

I'm glad for all the struggle

I'm glad for all the strife

Everything makes you stronger

The sun disappeared and the nights got longer

But nothing can be pushed away forever

Winter leaves are never forgotten


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