Me....or Someone Else?

In fourth grade, I was bullied.

Two girls who didn't fully

 know me.

They decided to act like a I was a flea

 and they wanted to crush me.

It was so hard and oh how I wish

 they would stop. But they just squished

 me more.


I didn't feel beautiful and I would

 pray every night asking and pleading for God if he could

 to make me think I was beautiful.

I thought people were lying when they told

 me I looked pretty. They all were trying to fit the mold

 and commplent someone that wasn't pretty.


After four years, I can look in the mirror 

 and KNOW I'm beautiful. It's never been clearer

 to me.

No matter what anyone says, I know who I am.

I am beautiful.

I am loved.

I am important.

I am needed.

I am special.

I am one-of-a-kind.


So don't anyone tell you what you are.

That doesn't define you. There are still scars,

 but they're almost healed.


So forgive and forget,

 don't take it personally, it's not a threat.

And always remember that Jesus thinks you are

 beautiful just the way He made you: a star.


You am Beautiful.

I am Beautiful.

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