I am..

If there was one word in the dictionary to describe me,

One word.

It would be complicated

because I am.

I am complicated because

I never seem to know what

I'm feeling.

One minute I am happy, then

the next minute I'm struck with


I never seem to know what I want to do.

One minute I want to dance around the

room in a carefree manner

and the next minute I want to sit in

my cozy, warm bed and read.

I am complicated because

One minute I may want to be with you

and the next minute I want you out of

my sight.

I can never seem to stay on one topic.

I like to jump from subject to subject

which makes it hard for people to keep up

with me sometimes and they find me confusing.


Maybe thats the word for me because

no matter how much I try to explain myself

my words all sound like a jumbled up mess

to the untrained ear

You can almost see the mixed up letters tumblling 

out of my mouth as I try to form intelligent sentences

that never come.

I may get blank stare or a nod but no other response

which leaves me sitting there wondering why I even opened

my mouth. Why am I so complicated? Confusing? maybe

even a little crazy? 

Maybe there is no word to define me or maybe I am

all of the words in the dictionary combined.

All I know is that I am..

I am human.


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