Look into me

Look into the most famous museums 

and you'll see the works of my ancestors. 
and yet, you dare say my culture is devoid of strength and courage 
dont you know my culture runs deep through my veins 
for so long my oppressors taught me to hate my brown skin
and long for pale white skin
but my ancestors begged and screamed 
for me to love and cherish my sun-kissed skin 
now im filled with shame
it took me too long to love my radiant skin
Look into my deep brown eyes 
let my fierceness pierce through your soul 
i'll fight anyone who says im oppressed 
but if thats still what you see 
when you look at my colorful hijabs displaying the color of the rainbows
I suggest you get your eyes checked
and your perspective in check 
let my hijabs represent my modesty ambition strength 
Look into my soul
what is it that you see? 
but dont you know im so much more? 
The moment you realize that
is when you know who I am. 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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