Follow Your Dreams... And Don't Look Back

We run and we run,

Chasing after our dreams.

But we are attacked and give up,

Or, so it seems.

Ever since I was young,

Music has consumed my being.

It was much more than a passion;

It was something I was needing.

I craved to make

Music my career,

But was paralyzed and held captive

By the ever so present fear

Of having no job

Or not gaining income.

That’s why my ears were filled

With the dreaded “You are dumb.”

My friends say they love me

Yet support not what I do.

Instead they stand against me

I’m a captain with no more crew.

They say, “Just give up.”

Unlike Shia Leboeuf

But I’m sick of hearing this lie.

I believe I’ve heard enough.

Follow your dreams,

and make them come true.

You’ll end up happier,

And have no regrets, too. 

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 



Your fat 

Your ugly

Your black

Your hungry

Your stupid

Your angry

Go to school

Your dumb

People don't understand

Your mind is a gun

Filled  with bullets

Take heed

A mind terrible thing  to waste

So don't waste it on me

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