I am... Undefined

I am.

I was who I desired to be.

The world was open doors for me.

I could reach every goal.

I could win every gold.


I am not who I intended to be.

Just a passing thing to see.

I am no changer of this world.

No shaker, mover. I have been whirled.

I saw a mass of hurt and pain. 

Who am I? To think it’ll change.


I am not who I appeared to be.

I have strength that you don’t see.

I am a dreamer, I hope for more.

There are things I can’t ignore.

I will fall down.

I will aries. I will chase the broken’s cries.


I am a fighter.

I define myself.

A warrior not defined by physical wealth.

I am not a definition of one part.

My time beats in synch with many hearts.


I am one who will not be defined.

I will cross the social lines.

I will pay whatever price.

To run the good race, and fight the good fight.

I am who I am chosen to be.

I will not let this world define me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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