Shouting Soul

“Tell me about yourself” people will ask

and answers that consists of

accomplishments, awards and interests

is what is expected of me to say.


But what I truly want to whisper to a loved one, to shout to a crowd and to share with those around me

Is what my soul wants to say to the world.


That I’m a girl who lays awake at night overthinking everything

Wondering why did I do that? Who have I become?


That I’m a girl who loves getting attached too fast

Yet stills whimper when left


Who prefers physical pain to mental

Because those on the mind scar more than those on the skin


Who reads books to escape her world

When her own world has become too much  


Who regrets having said so much

But regrets saying so little


I can tell you about myself, that would be no challenge

But tell me

Are you capable of hearing about me?

My thoughts, my dreams, my soul

Or simply about things that truly don’t matter

About where I go to school, where I live or whom my friends and family are

Are you hoping that I’ll keep it sweet and simple,

Or continue on till the day we depart?


Tell me, are you ready?

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