I Am Unapologetically Black

I am unapologetically black,

yet I wonder why people are so scared of my blackness

I hear the footsteps and chants of my ancestors marching before me

I can see the light they move toward at the end of the tunnel

We want the racial tension in this country to be put to rest

We are unapologetically black


I pretend that I can read people's minds

and feel sympathy for those who can only reach the surface level of my iceberg

When I touch my hair, I'm literally running a hand through my roots,

holding onto a past that will never be forgotten


I worry too much about what life in America will be like for my future kin

I cry tears of admiration for the people who have fallen, so I could rise up

They are the reason why I am unapologetically black


I understand how the justice system works against us

I say the government needs to be fixed

I have a dream of leaving a mark on history

I try to show people the beauty of equality

I hope someday they will love us the same way I love them

And understand that I am unapologetically black

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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