If I look into your soul,

I know just what I shall see

A fragile creature with wild eyes

staring back at me


Your movements are quick

Never staying in one place too long

Eyes down at your feet

Your pace true and strong


You are afraid of the others

Yet no one understands why

Speech is rare on your lips

But your eyes will always cry


You are a creature made of walls

No doors or gates or windows

Inside is something we will not see

Archers poised, armed with bows


You are a creature they distain

They spit at your feet

You are gremlin; a nonhuman

Always you end in defeat


It does not have to be like this

There is more to the world

Love is not forgotten

Hate just waits with its tongue curled


Become a hero; a knight in armor

Fight against the pain

The cruelty, the injustice

Win the battle; become sane


When I look into your soul,

I will be surprised with what I see

A standing hero, a leader

staring back at me

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