Journey On Fire

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 13:35 -- Brielle
Drama, Comedy the Scenes of my Life
Prepare Me for a Journey of Excitement and Delight
A Nervous Animation it is Up or is it Down
Do I Give Them Myself or Will they Even be Around
Passionate, Eager Yes I am On Fire
Come on My Journey Before the Offer Expires
Love, Friends, Family...  My Heart on the Line
Stay or Go... Either is Fine
Explore, Enjoy This is Not Just the Start
Every Day is My Journey, Will You take a Part?
Only those Who are Worthy, Only those who Truly Care
Who will take the Challenge?  Yes this is a Dare
My Journey Is On Fire I want You to Know
Fade Away in the Darkness or Come with Me and Grow
Scary, Alarming and Funny all the Same
I will Give You my Love Without any Blame
On Fire, In Flames My Journey is Art
It's Fragile, Been Broken but I Give You My Heart
I do Hope You'll Join...  Come with Me and See
My Journey of Life Is On Fire Indeed
By Brielle 
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