I am this generation.

The generation that witnessed police burtality in 2015, when back in elementry school we were taught that the police were here to help us.

I am the generation that is made fun of, for taking selfies, chatting on the internet, posting pictures on our blogs, because the older generation can't stand to see us happy. 

Lazy, they call us.

But what they don't understand, that this generation is far from that.

The generation that is standing up for their rights, standing up for what they believe in. But no.

When we use our voice, we're called hooligans, hoodlums, gang members. Nothing but a bunch of rotten kids.

I am the generation that still faces racism, where a white man can shoot an innocent black child of only twelve years of age.

I am the generation where Asians are still being fetishized by people, and having their cultures being taken away for the use of asthetics.

I am the generation where people of color are no longer safe because of white supremacy. 

A generation where we can no longer keep our children safe. A generation where a white man who shoots up a school is said to be mentally ill, and place where a white police officer 'fears for his life' while seeing a black child play in their yard, when that child never saw that police officer at all. A generation where I'm forced to deal with the fact that no matter what, I'll always be seen as a lesser person, where I'll be paid less because of the color of my skin. I'll always be racially profiled. I will always be forced to face the fact that a white can proudly wave a confederacy flag proudly in this country, but I dare to try to show pride in my culture, I will be torn down.

So yeah.

This is my generation.

I am this generation. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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