The Song In My Head

For all my life a song has played in my head,

A melody of all rhythms and tempo and style and purpose,

A melody that is every colour, every hue, every shape and every size,

A melody with every feeling and every emotions.

It’s a peculiar little tune.


For every day and every night,

My unique little song wears a different guise

Sometimes it comes all garbed in red, skipping and dancing in upbeat delight,

Others it arrived in sleepy attire, thick and slow with weighed down lids.

This aria doesn’t know consistency, does it?


For the many years I’ve been alive,

This special strain inspires me,

Grants me the drive to reach even my most unthinkable goals,

And to achieve those unthinkable goals at that.

All my feats I owe to that melody.


For all the time I’ve made my music,

The little song has played in sync.

The perfect tune makes a swell accompaniment to my bow on the strings

Of the slender violin upon which my fingers dance.

My talents are in regards to the ballad in my head, perhaps.


For the longest time I’ve known my knack,

My precious little skill in music.

Be it violin strings, piano keys, or organ manuals,

Be it Bach, Paganini, or Tchaikovsky,

I find comfort in the sounds for which I am so passionate.


For all my life a song has played in my head,

A song that has given me my musical passion and drive to play,

A song that has inspired my growth as a musician and artist,

A song which was born of my adoration, vigor, and fire for music.

I am the song within my head.

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