Alexis TyAnn


From the time that we are little we are serenaded with stories of superheroes,

Sweeping in to save the day with their powers and their fancy capes

and man, you wish you could be like that


Hey! Let me tell you something.

Though they may have capes to make them fly,

You have the capability to make someone cry

and hold up- I’m not talking about tears of sadness or pain

I am talking about your ability to lift someone so high

they don’t care that it’s supposed to be impossibly to fly.


And although they have hammers to smash down the bad guys

You have the hands to build someone who is having a bad day

And that’s no simple thing. You are profoundly amazing.


And even though it seems like your place on the ladder of importance is low

compared to theirs, just think of all the people who you carried up those stairs.

And sometimes the villains that you fight are dressed in a costume of normal

and painted bright white and whisper to us that it’s okay and they will be fine

And who are you to save the day?


You are the superhero here. You are the one who comes to the rescue every time

you ask  question because sometimes "how are you?" or "I love you"

are no different than pulling someone back from jumping off that bridge

and sometimes helping them untangle the mess of their insecurities and doubts

is harder than disassembling a bomb.


Your capacity for empathy is nothing compared to their muscly ferocity.

So next time you think “man I wish I could fight that dragon in a tower"

Remember this: those children’s stories have nothing on your superpower.

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