My Identity

Wed, 08/12/2015 - 18:34 -- no_name

Hello, my name is- well, I don't really know.

Who am I?

Am I merely a pawn in the chess game of life?

Do I make my own choices, or does fate choose for me?

Is there such a thing as fate? 

If I jumped on my desk and started mooing would God have already expected that?

If someone offers me a job, is that considered my purpose?

What defines me, my choices?

My job?

My appearance?

My name?

What if there are no names, no faces, no anything?

What if we all looked the same – would we still be considered different or alike?

Why do people always need evidence to believe?

Why can't I say that I can fly without being ridiculed or bullied?

Why do people bully?

Is it to make themselves feel better?

Is it because they are bullied at home by their parents or siblings?

Why do parents abuse their children?

Is it because they have anger management problems?

What are problems, anyway?

Why can't we all be happy, and live in harmony?

Why can't we do what's right?

What is right and wrong?

Do we determine that, or does God?

Where did God come from?

Was he always there?

How is that possible?

Is there such a thing as possible and impossible?

With our imagination, can't we do anything?

With God, can't we do anything?

What gives people the right to tell us what we can and cannot do?

They are not perfect themselves, are they?

Is there such a thing as perfect, and imperfect?

Is everything done for a reason and purpose, and therefore perfect?

Why do people judge each other?

If they aren't faultless themselves, then why would they point out the faults of someone else?

Don't they want to fix themselves first?

Why are some people racist?

Don't we have the same thing on the inside, a heart and soul?

Why do we use names?

Do our names really define us, or our life?

Hello, my name is – well, it doesn't matter, does it?

My life defines who I am.

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