I Am From Soccer Cleats and a High Tech World


I am from family gatherings
And Sunday school
Soccer cleats with knee high socks.
Shopping and being with friends.

I am from “Haley, we’re leaving without you”
And “Keep trying your best”
From a mom and dad who encourage
And support me all the way.

I am from the taste of my nana’s sweet iced tea,
Momma’s home cooking,
And Mamaw’s childhood stories.

I am from iPods and iPhones,
Tablets and iPads,
and Xbox and Playstation.
I am from a fast-paced high-tech world.

I am from a family all in its own,
Loving and supporting of one another.
From cousins to aunts and uncles,
We will always have each other’s back.
I am from a family who will always be loving to one another. 


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