The Dark Truth

A girl unconfident and in doubt

People don’t seem to see the other side of her

When suddenly her thoughts go about

It slips people’s mind how she has her moments

How at times she feels like she’s stuck in a drought


It’s times like these where she doesn’t know where she’ll end up

She tries to overcome the obstacles

But in every road she takes

There are always a thousand bumps

Trying and ultimately succeeding in tearing her down


A few silent calls of help

Until someone notices her pain

Someone who actually cares

Someone who does not want to witness her soul being drained

Someone who would actually notice if I were to disappear


There’s a rock on top of my heart

Making it feel numb

To where not a single tear is able to roll down my cheek

Not a simple giggle can escape my lips

 I’m frozen



My best friend convinces me to step away from the blades

My wrists are safe from the torture

But his words make no effect to my mind

His “you’re beautiful” translates into “you’re ugly”

His “you’re intelligent” is the same thing as saying “you’re so stupid”


But slowly, his words begin to lift the massive stone

Romans 8:18

Adds a smile to my face

A Place in this World by Taylor Swift

Has me singing at the top of my lungs


A reassuring song

The grace in His word

And the comfort from my best friend

That is all I need

To be the person who I truly am

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