I am... Who I am

I am not just the descendant of a slave—Selah

I am not just some animal who gave up his hide—Selah

I am not a black man—Selah

I am self-defined like the kings before me—Selah


Though I walk through the valley of the shadow death,

I will fear no evil, I will reach success and honor,

My ancestors born unto shackles by their freed father,

Equality seemed further—off into the distance,

Their blood runs through my viens, Freed from the physical chains—but the physical strain remains…


Like the dust to dust—One Nation under God, Who should I trust?

I am afro and chic,

My skin is golden like the sun setting and rises at dusk.

European blood maybe,

African origin—little curled haired baby


“The earth is strong in this one”

That’s what they said at my birth.

Raised in a society where race is your worth.

But no one saying—

Conscious minds see that race is all in the mind,

And I am a human being—yet society says I’m black,

And it’s the ultimate crime.


Crying because my brothers continue to fight,

I transcend differences and noticed we all look alike.

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