Je suis, or just Chuis

Yo soy

It depends.

I am whatever life allows me to be today. Or tomorrow. Or never.

When am I ever what I am? When can I ever be whatever it is that I know I can? 

Or do I just shift and change, sometimes ever so briefly transient, into what everyone thinks I am?

If I have opinions addressing lack of humanity and I scold those who believe that not everyone is human or deserving of respect or justice,

I am too militant.

If I care more about the Black Bodies paving the streets than a poor lion un-willfully being hunted,

I am not "conscious" that #AllLivesMatter

If I am depressed and saddened that there are more liquor stores and churches in my impoverished neighborhood than there are Mariano's or Jewel's,

I am unaware of the predisposition poor people put themselves in when Mr. Gent Rification moves them into ghettos.

It is all of these things that break my composure but somehow forge themselves as my bones, my blood, and my heartbeat.

I am a voice capable of tremendous beauty.

I am a juggernaut of Power & Principle.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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