If the World was Mine . . .

If the world was mine,

life would be a thought

-a very good one, but a thought indeed.

Everything, every moment that lived would be a ballerina.

It would flounce and prance and flow through our heads and through our eyes.


If the world was mine,

and if you preferred to be slow,

then you would drive a camel.

However, if fast is your forte,

then we would provide you with an ostrich.


If the world was mine,

my castle would be in a forest

-only an enchanted one, of course.

With a sea full of painted fish,

painted only by the most crafty artists in the land.


If the world was mine,

my trees would grow silly things

-like silver silverware.

They’d sprout up from a book

and as you scale, the story comes to life.


If the world was mine,

I’d latch a ladder on the cloud

of his royal Highness moon.

Then sit and chat all day,

until the sun came up.


If the world was mine

The only superheroes

would be the most valiant

of all the noble creatures

that ever did live


If the world was mine,

every princess that ever had a crown

would be a beautiful bear.

She would grace the kingdom with her poise

and very frilly dress.


And if the world was mine,

I’d sit and paint and sing all day

-naturally of birds.

I’d lay down in a boat

and simply cry for all the people who don’t live in my world.


This poem is about: 



A glimpse into my world




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