Constant Motion

I am Constant Motion.

I hold the power to cause a commotion

But as to making noise I rarely make devotion.


I am the wave falling against the shore,

Always arrivivg back to where I've been before,

but constantly wishing I didn't repeat that anymore.


And I am the wind that breezes past my bike,

making the rider and others feel right,

but I rarely use my power of wrathful might.


I am these things because they set me free

in a world where I can't exist as who I want to be,

until I am no longer under other's fee.


In a world where I can't argue back without regretful retaliation,

without negative fixation, without empty appreciation,

and without losing valued relations.


In a world where I can't be truly alone,

without facing the harsh known, without taking a loan,

and without taking on a negative tone.


But for now I can let all of it go,

just let myself join the emotionless flow,

and play a part in their puppet show,

because one day they'll know:


That I am everything I choose.

I am something that will not lose. 

And I am something they cannot refuse. 


Until then I only have freedom to a certain degree,

and a internal plea for them to accept who I want to be,

For you see:


I am Constant Motion because I have to be.

This poem is about: 
Our world



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