Means to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.


I am... evolved

I went from loving attention and preverse thoughts

To representing Christ and how he bought

Me-- and I wasn't cheap, no

He died on the cross and bled until he couldn't no mo'

I am... evolved

I used to think who needs school

I can find a job without it and no one thinks its cool

Now I'm working hard, getting good grades

Praying I'll wake up to a better day

I am... evolved

I was once a foolish little girl

I blossomed into a young lady in this crazy world

In Christ I'm complete

I think of myself as the rose that grew from concrete

I am... evolved

I will no longer push my religion on you

Not that it was really my religion back then

I'd be screaming glory on Sunday regardless of all my Monday through Saturday sin

I am... evolved

I learned what true evolution is

It has nothing to do with monekeys or pigs

It's the transition from self-gratification

To His glorification

I am... evolved

You don't have to agree with me

I just hope somebody sees

That Christ is

The Way

The Truth

and The Life

I am... evolved



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