My Salvation, My Ruin


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There’s always a certain kind of beauty in everything
Whether it’d be a stranger’s smile that seems to hold all of the secrets of the world
The feeling when you get caught up in a conversation with someone you treasure
The look someone gets when they talk about something they’re passionate about
Someone’s smile when it’s only the two of you left
The lightness of his touch when he touches you for the first time
When you look at them and see yourself
When you get so wrapped into something and you lose sense of your surroundings
Or perhaps that feeling when someone you care about trusts you with something important
The love and care an artist puts into making something
The softness of a kiss
How little he touches you anymore
The pain inside when he says goodbye for the last time

It’s the emotions that lie within these events that inspire me
That make me who I am
Every event, no matter how seemingly little it may have seemed has imparted its way into my soul
And has enriched my mind
Everything I feel, no matter how weak it may make me
Is the reason I am who I am

They make a writer, filling a void with excitement
They make me a daydreamer, wishing someone could come and whisk me away
But they also make me a worrier, over analyzing things
They make cautious, forever distrusting of others

My surroundings, my emotions
They are my salvation… And my ruin.

This poem is about: 
Our world





The little girl 

Walking around the soccer field

Not playing the sport

But winning the game

As she picks up trash

Cans, bottles, wrappers   

Clearing the grass

Saving the earth

I am conscientious


The troubled child

Sitting at her desk

Brow furrowed

Lip bitten

Deliberating math problems

Forgoing the calculator

Striving for learning

Never giving up

I am studious


The awkward tween

Standing in the corner

Eyes wide,

Curious, alert

Looking for friends

Preparing to speak

Thinking twice

Fearful of bad first impressions

I am shy


The young adult

Approaching the door

Head held high

Courage in her stride

She holds the key

Behind the door 

Is the great unknown

But she is not scared

I am ready

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