Where Im From

I’m from city lights and skyscrapers

From can I have 5 cents, and buy the finest on the street prada vendors

the yellow cars whizzing by...

I’m from the heights the packer and the st.anns

the i’m going to milton i’m going to andover

I’m from the jacklyn hide lovers at 20

and stuy town night prowlers

I’m from the 92Y

From the gossipers and the loners

the central park wanderers

the endless train riders

the curfew breakers and always grounded crew

from interpretation through movement

I’m from the sewers the grit and the smell of fresh paint

I’m from the yelling and screaming

door slammed in your face, pillow over your head

the sit down meals

the philosophical family talks

the thorn and rose of your day

I’m from the wise man that nurtures me until he is no longer fit to nurture himself

from the big hearted grandma

from the poets

and the writers

the actors

and the biters

i’m from dreams and thoughts

the maze of curiosity

from the answering of your own questions and thinking aloud

from the comeback kid and third strike your out

I’m from the labrynith of the warped. NYC.


This poem is about: 
My family


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