I Value

My classmates have taught me some of the greatest lessons in life

For the bad

and the good

Although I still despise many

I still care for and value every single person in my class

I value my elementary classmates

for showing me compassion

and loving your neighbor

but what they also taught me

is there will always be a social hierarchy

and it’s best to ignore it

I value my sixth grade class

for encouraging me to learn from others

to never put someone in a situation I wouldn’t want to be in

strong people dont put others down

they lift them up

and words carry great power

I value my seventh grade class

for teaching me it’s important to trust others, but not too much

because too much trust always backfires

They taught me to never lie to someone who trusts me

and to never trust someone who lies to me

They made me realize

That those who come into my life can either be a blessing or a lesson

I value my eighth grade class

for teaching me that being mean for means sake isn’t funny

and to associate myself with people of good quality

for it is better to be alone than in bad company

I value my ninth grade class

for teaching me to roll with the punches

personal insecurity


bullying and a general lack of wisdom

that affected my everyday decisions

I’ve learned that later in life

as things become more difficult

it’s essential that you know

how to face the problems that are thrown your way

I value my tenth grade class

for teaching me that stereotypes will always happen

but to avoid and never grasp them

I value my current grade and all the previous ones for teaching me to be myself

I now know to not get confused between what people say I am and who I know I am

I now know to value who I am

I now know I have a bright future

I now know to forget what hurt me, but not what it taught me

I now know that no matter how hard something is there is always something good coming around the corner

I now know that I can’t start the next chapter of my life if I’m still re-reading the last one

My classmates have taught me some of the greatest lessons in life

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